Amazing Facts About New Year Celebration In Different Countries

New Year is coming soon to people all over the world.  Different countries have unique customs and traditions to welcome the New Year. Let’s explore the customs that take place during the New Year in countries around the world, to understand more about the people, culture, and lifestyle in these beautiful lands.

1. New Year in the United States

On the night of 31st December, New Year Eve, thousands of Americans gather in Times Square to watch the ball drop. They stand side by side to wait for the first moment of the New Year. When everyone shouts until the last second, a beautiful glass sphere fell. When the ball reaches the ground at midnight, people chanted New Year’s greetings: “Happy New Year!” and sing the wonderful tunes of the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne”. Americans throw colorful pieces of paper into the sky to welcome this meaningful moment.

In the New Year, Americans often visit their family, relatives, friends, or organize a meal … However, the first day of the New Year is always a quiet day with many Americans. They often stay at home with their family all day. Americans eat cabbage in the hope that it will bring a lot of luck and money.

New Year in the US
New Year in the US

2. The tradition of celebrating New Year in the United Kingdom

In the UK, although New Year ceremonies are not celebrated as solemnly as Christmas, there are different activities to celebrate the New Year according to their customs and traditions. On New Year Eve, the British gathered in Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus or around the places where London’s Big Ben clock bell could be heard as a signal of the New Year. Everyone held hands to sing “Auld Lang Syne”.

On New Year’s Eve, the British bring wine and cakes to welcome New Year. The British do not knock at the door but go straight into the friend’s home or relative’s home. According to British customs, after New Year’s Eve, the first caller to enter the house and first foot will be a signal for a good year or a bad year. If the first guest is a black-haired man or a happy and rich man, the landlord is lucky all year. If the first guest is a pale blonde or a sad, poor, unfortunate woman, the landlord will face many disasters and difficulties in the new year.

New Year in the UK
New Year in the UK

3. New Year in France

The French use the wine to welcome the New Year. People start to have a meal party from New Year’s Eve until 3rd January. In the early morning of 1st January, everyone watched the wind signaling the New Year. If it is the Southern wind, the New Year will be favorable and peaceful. If it is the Western wind, fishing and the milking of cows will develop. If it is the Eastern wind, the New Year will have a great harvest. If it is the Northern wind, it is the year of crop failure.

New Year in France
New Year in France

4. New Year in Spain

On New Year’s Eve, the Spanish believe that people should quickly eat a grape when each sound of a bell rings. People who eat all 12 grapes at the end sound of the bell will have good luck for the next twelve months. When the clock finishes 12 hours and runs out of grapes, everyone kisses on other’s cheek, drinks cava wine and eats turrons cake.

New Year in Spain
Eat 12 grapes on New Year Eve

5. Customs to welcome New Year in Germany

The New Year celebration in Germany lasts for a week. Fifteen minutes before New Year’s Eve, everyone still sat in their seats. When the clock rang, they jumped down from their chairs and threw a heavy object behind as if dropping all difficulties and tribulations to enter the New Year.

In Germany, people put a drop of molten metal into cold water and based on its shape to predict what will happen in the New Year. If it is the shape of a heart or a ring, there will be good news about marriage. If it is the shape of a boat, there will have to go far. The shape of a pig means you will enjoy a lot of delicious food in the New Year.

New Year in Germany
A drop of molten metal into cold water

The way to welcome the New Year in different countries around the world is various and unique. It is a great experience if we have the opportunity to visit these beautiful countries. You can choose for yourself the outstanding designs on our shop to enjoy a happy and meaningful New Year.

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