Guidelines To Wash Screen Printed T-Shirts

It is easy to preserve screen printed t-shirts, but lots of people ignore it. Therefore, we will introduce how to wash screen printed t-shirts which keeps them last longer. 

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  • After receiving these t-shirts, please do not forget to turn them inside-out as soon as possible because when t-shirts are printed, the printed ink is still very new and cannot be completely dry. It should be rushed to wash in order to lessen the fading and your design will stay intact.
  • After a week of “sunbathing” (for newly-released clothing), bring it to wash. During the first wash, you should rinse your t-shirt with hands lightly, wash by water and NO soap.
  • Within the first 2 weeks after the first wash, never wash with soap and soak your clothes for too long before washing. The next time you wash, you can use normal laundry soap.
  • Do not wash machines to ensure that screen-printed t-shirts are beautiful and have the original shape for the first a long time. The fabric will be weak because of the washing mode of the washing machine, causing them loosening, peeling printed images. 
  • Do not use non-chlorine bleach directly because these printed t-shirts will peel off quickly. 
  • After receiving these t-shirts, you should put them in the refrigerator’s freezer. Therefore, they will not make the colors run.
  • Should not wash printed t-shirts with other different colors t-shirt because it will be mixed with dark-colored ones.
  • Should wash by the cold water or the water under 40-degree temperature. If you wash t-shirts by hot temperature water, the fabric will be elastic.
  • It is advisable to wash by hand and turn the shirt around during washing to prevent the screen-printed from being rubbed which can easily cause peeling and scratching of the image.
  • After washing, you should not be squeeze t-shirts strongly which makes them elastic and easily damage t-shirts. It is great to fold t-shirts and press the water to drain so that the fabric will not stretch out. 

You should remember that the quality of the printed t-shirt will be affected by washing. Please pay attention to it! You will be amazed at how long your printed t-shirts will last. 

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