Special traditional dishes at Christmas in some countries

Christmas is celebrated on the 24th and the morning of December 25th every year. In many countries around the world, they will have their own traditional dishes on this day. To know what specific dishes are, let’s discover right now!

1. Pavlova cake, Australia

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere so the Christmas holiday here falls in the summer – the hottest time of the year. Therefore, must-have Christmas dishes in Australia are dishes with salads. Australians also enjoy barbecues with beef, lamb, and seafood. Besides, Pavlova cake is also a familiar dessert for Australians on this occasion.

Pavlova cake at Christmas


                                                                                                               Pavlova cake

2. Eggnog, Canada

Canada’s culinary culture is a harmonious blend of French and English culture. Besides some dishes such as stuffed turkey, vegetables, sauces, mashed potatoes, the glass cream eggnog with raw butter tart, milk and wine are indispensable dishes on the Austrian’s Christmas Eve.

Eggnog at Christmas



3. Turkey stuffed with beef, Peru

Christmas is a special occasion for the whole family to gather and enjoy a meal in Peru. During a cozy meal, there is also turkey stuffed with beef, peanuts, and dishes decorated with cherries and slices of fresh pineapple. Additionally, there is a baked potato dish with apple sauce.

Turkey stuffed with beef at Christmas


                                                                                                       Turkey stuffed with beef

4. Gingerbread, Germany

At Christmas, Germans eat a lot of sweets. Gingerbread, chestnut cake, biscuit, sweet bread are popular Christmas dishes. During meals, Germans often eat nutritious dishes such as pork or goose and served with cabbage.

Gingerbread at Christmas



5. Grilled pork thigh with salt, Norway

With Norwegian, grilled pork leg with salt is an indispensable Christmas dish. Without this dish, it would not be Christmas. This is a traditional dish originating from ancient Roman times.

Grilled pork thigh with salt at Christmas


                                                                                                      Grilled pork thigh with salt

6. Whisky Dundee cake, Scotland

Referring to Christmas dishes, the first dish that the Scottish people think of will certainly be the traditional Dundee Whiskey cake. The cake is derived from Dundee – the largest city in Dundee and is made with the country’s famous whiskey. This soft sponge cake is a super delicious dish with many people who do not like wet or too sweet cakes.

Whisky Dundee cake at Christmas


Whisky Dundee cake

Nothing is better than this Christmas when we are reunited with our family and enjoy unique dishes. Why don’t you make yourself an eye-catching outfit to join the Christmas party? Let’s hurry up and come to our shop for a highlight look!

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