The Stories Of Breast Cancer Warriors

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women all over the world.  Let’s read to share the stories of Breast Cancer Warriors how they were dealing with breast cancer.

Anita’s Breast Cancer Story

Anita was planning her dream wedding with her fiancé – Scott, in 2015. Anita and Scott’s lives were all planned out. They were going to start to save, buy a house, and get married but Anita was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer at just 24 years old. Everything changed and their world was turned upside now. Her cancer was aggressive and she had to start treatment including the removal of her right breast, chemotherapy, Herceptin, and fertility treatment. Anita and Scott made the decision to cancel their wedding to focus on her treatment.

By two years later, Anita was able to set a date with Scott. They got married in front of their family and close friends in June 2017 – a day that marked the start of their new life together. Anita said: “On the day, I forgot all about cancer – for once it wasn’t the first thing on my mind”.

Annalesha’s Breast Cancer Story

Annalesha was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in July 2015. With two young kids and a loving husband, it was the last thing she ever imaged happening. In July 2017, Annalesha passed away with her husband of seven years, Tarik, by her side.

Her husband, Tarik said: “Annalesha was fearless and strong. She’s gone but we’re so thankful and grateful for what we had.”

Aniata and Annalesha shared their personal stories about how they faced breast cancer. In addition, supporters and survivors come together to help breast cancer patients fight dangerous cancers.

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